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How to apply Mascara | Absolute best way to apply mascara : Best mascara 2015

Mascara is an imperative tool in applying eye cosmetics. Mascara often makes eyes look much more profound and detailed, finishing the look you may be looking for.

Applying mascara can be an overwhelming and daunting affair – particularly when you are rushed for time. One wrong move and you could ruin all the efforts made in applying the mascara.

In this article, you will figure out how to apply mascara – without smudging.

how to apply mascara

Alright, here we go!

We’re going to begin by applying the mascara to our lower lashes but if you prefer not to, don’t hesitate to skip step one. But, in the event that you like applying mascara to your top and lower lashes and just can’t get enough of it, please read on…

  1. With your mascara wand in the preferred hand, tilt your head forward gently. Look directly into the mirror, coat your lower lashes first by just “squirming” the wand downwards from the foundation of your lashes to the closures. Ensure you’re not pulling at your lower eyelid in any way with the mascara wand. Bristles of the mascara ought to dependably be over your lower lashes, so you do get an even coating without dragging the wand against your skin. Your lower lashes ought to now look wet, longer and separated.
  2. Dunk your mascara wand over into the compartment for the next application. Try not to pump your mascara in the holder up and down – this will just dry it out. Rather turn the wand within the holder – it will get the product faster than the “pumping” system.
  3. Next, we move onto the top layer of our lashes. Begin by tilting your head back this time, again looking into the mirror directly. Now, take your mascara wand and give your top lashes a decent covering by moving the wand gently in a moderate ‘crisscross’ movement, from the root to the tips of your lashes.

Best mascara 2015

Beginning from the base of the lashes is imperative just in case you need your lashes to look thicker and more extreme. This will likewise make your eyes seem brighter rather than the dimness of your lashes. Applying the mascara to the closures of your eyelashes will help them seem extended. Once more, as with the first stride there ought to be no pulling on your eyelids. Your head ought to stay tilted back and your eyes immovably focused on your appearance.

Don’t hesitate to apply a second layer of mascara, again beginning on your lower lashes first. The motivation behind why we apply mascara to the lower lashes first and not last is because if you first apply mascara on the top lashes, when you tilt your head forward for your lower lashes – the mascara on the top layer of your lashes will smirch onto your eyelids because of the mascara not having had time to dry.

What’s more, that is it! Straightforward as that! Follow these straightforward steps to get lovely lashes – with no smudgy eyelids! I’m certain you will never go wrong!

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GrandeLash MD Review: Best mascara 2015

In case you want an appearance of the spectacular long lashes or even full eyebrows naturally, then GrandeLASH-MD is the best mascara 2015 product for you. This proven and safe formula will surely help to improve the appearance of your eyebrows and eyelashes in fullness, length darkness and thickness in only as little as 4-8 weeks. The product, according to its official website, comes with a ninety-day money-back guarantee. Does GrandeLash MD surely rise to the occasion? Yes, GrandeLash MD certainly does. Most women have found out that Grande Lash MD is not only effective but it is also a good alternative to other products available in the market because it is a lot cheaper.

Ingredients in the Grande Lash MD

Unlike majority of the eyelash serums which are full of chemicals, the ingredients which are listed for Grande Lash MD seems just like a breath of fresh air. The product contains natural ingredients like vitamins, peptides, amino acids and it is completely free of paraben. This means that the product is also safe for use by people having sensitive eyes or skin. In addition, the amounts of botanicals and vitamins in it enables GrandeLash to strengthen lashes by replenishing the lashes so as to prevent breakage (the major cause of sparse and short lashes) which makes it the best mascara 2015.

Grande Naturals GrandeLiner Ultimate Lash Boosting Eye Liner

Directions for application

The website for GrandeLash MD encourages the buyers to use this product at night after you have washed your face and you are finished with your usual nightly routine. You then apply this product like liquid eyeliner to the base of your lashes. This is pretty easy to do since the applicator already kind of looks like an applicator tip to your everyday liquid liner. However, GrandeLash reviews has reported that they have received positive feedback from older clients saying that they noticed quicker results when used at night and in the morning. For the younger set, results will usually be seen in 3 to 5 weeks’ time.


The major feature of GrandeLash MD is its more natural take on eyelash serum. Nowadays, most serums are pretty scary in regard to the amount of chemicals they contain. However, GrandeLash has a completely different story because it uses all natural botanicals and vitamins which are extremely safe. Application and Packaging is also very easy to maneuver.

Is the product safe to use?

According to their official website, GrandeLash MD is very safe for use based on their clinical studies. In the studies, they didn’t find any negative or adverse reactions to the product. Nevertheless, they have also placed a warning stating that although the product is safe to use, certain people might be allergic to some ingredients found in GrandeLash. As a result, we should always exercise caution and monitor our faces for any adverse or negative reactions.

Does it feels sticky after application of GrandeLash-MD?

The GrandeLash MD promises a non-sticky application. Unlike the other products which are always hassle on eyes because of the serum consistency, GrandeLash is extremely light on the skin and one might not even feel it when it is applied thus being a perfect choice for a good night sleep.

Does GrandeLash-MD work also on eyebrows?

The good news is that the product works also on the eyebrows. According to clinical tests by GrandeLash, they have shown positive effects whenever the product is used on the sparse eyebrows. This is great since you will spend money on a product which can cure 2 problems; 2 birds, one stone.

Certain Warnings before using the product

Below is a list of warnings while using this product.
1. Even though almost all the users have had success while using this product, some people first go through few days of uncomfortable stinging in eye areas. However, this will disappear within 3 to 5 days.
2. Also, you should be extra careful while applying the product on lower eyelashes. Ensure you do not place this product very close to the edges where it can reach your eyes easily.

To sum it up, GrandeLash MD works but with little bits of stinging during the first few days. In case you think that you can get through the first 3 to 5 days so as to get the lashes which you want within less than 5 weeks, then why not try out GrandeLash MD ; best mascara 2015 as it could just be the product for you!


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